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Residential Letting Estate Agent Services

Residential Letting Estate Agent Services

Residential Letting Estate Agent Services
Residential lettings agencies offer a number of valuable landlord services to people who are looking to rent out their properties to tenants with a view to securing a useful rental income. These landlord services cover a wide variety of different areas, the extent of which may surprise those people who are not aware of the full extent of what is on offer from residential letting agencies. The services offered are not restricted to advertising properties for rent and showing prospective tenants around those properties. The services can for example cover finance, legal issues, and the preparation of complex documentation including contractual agreements.

Advice on Tax is part of the portfolio of landlord services that are usually offered by residential letting agencies. When a landlord is renting out a property, they will be getting rental income from the tenants who are living in the property, and this will have a bearing on the Tax position of the landlord. This important and valuable taxation advice may not come direct from the residential letting agency, as they will in all likelihood refer the landlord to an accountant who specializes in residential lettings issues. However the residential lettings agency will most probably be able to give the landlord an overview of what the particular issues are and what needs to be done regarding their Tax position. The landlord will then be able to go and seek the right kind of taxation advice from the correct expert.

One of the most important landlord services offered by residential letting agencies is the preparation of the tenancy agreement. This is a document that is drafted in the form of a contract. It lists who the landlord is and who the tenant is, giving the full name and address of all the parties involved. The tenancy agreement will set out how the property may be used by the tenant, and will include what can and cannot be done. An example of this is the keeping of animals. Some tenancy agreements may forbid the keeping of cats and dogs in the property, while others may not mention this. It is always worth asking about such things, however, as restrictions on the use of the property may not all be listed in the tenancy agreement. The creation of a professionally drafted tenancy agreement is an example of why landlord services are best handled by a good residential letting agency.

Another document that many residential letting agencies prepare as part of their landlord services is an inventory of the various fixtures, fittings and other items along with a record of their condition.
The creation of a thorough inventory listing is one of those landlord services that can be very useful when the tenant moves out, and the state of the property is checked, including its fixtures, fittings, furniture and other items that should still be there and in the same condition as they were when the tenant originally moved in.

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